How to Choose a Baby Carrier- Everything you need to know!

It is a usual phenomenon that parents do not find baby carriers useful after their baby crosses the first year of their birth. Though they happen to buy it because every parent wants to keep their baby close while they are busy with household chores. 

So, if you are a parent who has a baby and has the same wishes, then this blog is for you as here we will be discussing how to make the best choice when you buy baby carriers online

Tips to Buy Baby Carriers Online

Today there are numerous types of baby carriers available, and it is quite difficult to pick one from them all. But, following these points would help you. 

  • Longevity: To make your baby carrier last long, you have to buy the one that can handle heavier weight. Also, you need to check if it has a front-facing position when you buy baby carriers online. But, if you are looking for a baby carrier that is the best for infants, then pick the one that gives your baby a cozy environment. 
  • Comfort: Now this is something that matters for both you and your baby. For your baby’s comfort, make sure that the baby carrier that you buy lets your baby sit in a position that is healthy for its hips. And, when it is about your comfort, consider the baby carriers that come with padded shoulder straps so that you can carry your baby for hours, when required. 
  • Fit: There are certain baby carriers that can easily adjust to the bodies of different caregivers. But, there are also other carriers which are sized perfectly to a single caregiver. So, if you do not plan to share the baby carrier with any other person, then choose wisely. 
  • Ease of use: There are baby carriers which require you to follow a multistep process to get the wrap on. However, there are also ones which are very easy to put on such as the ring slings and the soft-structured ones. Go through the instructions before you buy baby carriers online
  • Climate: The climate of your area is also a deciding factor while purchasing a baby carrier. If you live in a warm climate, go for lightweight fabrics and breathable mesh. However, if you live somewhere where winter prevails, then go for the ones which have a heavy knitting and padding. 
  • Care: Babies are prone to drooling and spitting up. So, before you buy baby carriers online, make sure you go through the washing instructions. 

Types of Baby Carriers Available

The numerous baby carriers available online can be classified into three main styles. So, when you buy baby carriers online, keep in mind that newborns and older babies have different requirements. The newborns usually nestle close with their heads on their chest. However, the older ones stretch their legs and are curious about what is happening in the outside world. 

Find out what you need. 

1. Wraps

Wraps are those kinds of baby carriers which you need to wrap around yourself in order to carry your baby. They come in a swaddle-like design that is similar to the feel of a womb and newborn babies happen to love that. Although, older babies do not like them as they find it too restrictive. Most of the wraps out there can easily adjust to all body types and thus they come in a one-size-fits-all type. Also, there are baby carriers that are extremely lightweight, some come with a thicker fabric which provides a nice, secure wrap, some are very soft and come in a range of different colors, and some are very easy to put on.

2. Structured Carriers

Structured Carriers are often soft and are designed particularly for older and heavier babies. But, you can also use them for your newborn baby just by adding some extra padding or just by adjusting the straps. These structured carriers are not so snuggly when compared to wraps, but they are a lot faster to put on. The structured carriers that come with padded straps, as well as waistbands, work pretty good when it is about getting support while carrying your older and heavier baby. And, the best part about such carriers is that they come with a front-facing option. 

3. Ring Slings

These types of baby carriers are created from one fabric which is worn across the torso and comes through two rings back to your shoulder. It creates a design that fits your baby perfectly. Ring slings are perfect for hotter climates. However, they are not so good about distributing weight and the maximum of it comes on your shoulder. Also, most of them cannot be washed in a washing machine. 

So, next time when you buy baby carriers online, do go through these instructions carefully before making the final purchase.

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