A Complete Guide to Buying Baby Clothes

Welcoming their baby, every parent wants to make everything around their baby to be special. And, that is why they try to do everything that is necessary, maybe going an extra step if required. 

And, when it is about clothing, they browse every website on the internet to make sure they get the best clothes for their child. So, if you are one of them, then this blog is just for you. Check out our complete guide to buying baby clothes and get the best clothes for your baby at the best prices. 

2-4 infant gowns

It is better to stick to infant gowns until your baby is free from the cord stump. At this age, your baby needs to be cleaned often and you need to make sure that your baby is irritation-free. With this kind of gown, you will be able to cover your beautiful baby and have easy diaper access. 

4-8 bodysuits or onesies

At this age, a baby clothing set like bodysuits and onesies happens to be the most comfortable clothing choice for your baby. Just make sure that the bodysuit or onesie that you have purchased for your baby has a wide head opening and loose leg space. Check out Cotton Long Sleeve Baby Onesie & Bodysuit from Baby Earth Lifestyle, you will love it. Or else you can just make them wear baby pants as they are extremely comfortable.

4-8 one-piece pajamas

One-piece pajamas and rompers can be the best pick for you if you are looking for some daytime baby clothing set for your baby. These clothes are probably the easiest for parents to get their baby dressed in. Check out Boy’s Mom’s Little Boy Rompers from Baby Earth Lifestyle if you have a baby boy!

2 blanket sleepers

For the sleepy nights, you can prefer to get your baby dressed in blanket sleepers or hooded rompers. These are a far better option compared to blankets. But, keep in mind to avoid buying ones with  drawstrings as they are often considered a strangulation hazard. Check out this Hooded Baby’s Printed Fleece Romper, it’s so cute!

1-3 sweaters or jackets

Buying sweaters or jackets for your baby try to make sure that the clothing that you buy has no buttons. Although, if you only find the ones that are buttoned, then pick only from those which have buttons in the front as babies tend to spend most of their time sleeping or lying on their back. Check out these amazingly Cute Warm Baby Sweaters from Baby Earth Lifestyle.

1-3 rompers or other dress-up outfits

Although these are the less necessary items, but, if you really want to make your kid get dressed up, then we must say that you are putting in an incredible amount of effort. Well, to make things easier, check out this Fancy Fluffy Sleeveless Baby Girl’s Dress with Headband. There are a lot of such baby girl dresses available at Baby Earth Lifestyle. 

4-6 hats

Hats or caps are mostly useful for your baby when it’s cold out there. Hats and caps make sure that your baby doesn’t catch a cold. Although, a cute comfortable hat with a cute little dress can make your baby look adorable. Check out cute baby girl dresses like Girl’s Pink Romper Hat Clothing Set if you are looking for something fancy. For cold weather, you can prefer going with this Cute Rabbit Warm Kid’s Hat.


If you have the experience of raising a baby before then you must know how dangerous the quick-growing baby nails can be for the baby itself. Here mittens can save you big time. The Cotton Anti-Scratch Mittens from Baby Earth Lifestyle is a lifesaver. 

Some Important Tips:

1. Check What The Fabric Is

Always look for breathable fabric like cotton so that your baby does not sweat. Also, before you make your baby wear new clothes, make sure there are no tags attached to it. 

2. What Kind Of Fasteners Are There

Avoid zippers as they can pinch the skin of your baby. Always look for fasteners which close easily and do not harm your baby. 

3. Remove Buttons If They Are Loose

Cute little buttons look amazing on baby clothes, although if you find any buttons on your baby’s new dress, make sure that you remove them before your baby wears them as they can get into your baby’s nose or mouth. 

4. Do Not Over Bundle

Over-bundling your baby makes them uncomfortable. Also, if your baby is too warm then it can dehydrate your sleepy baby and make it hypoglycemic as it will not be properly awake while you feed it. You can just go with baby pants and keep them comfortable.

5. General Care

You can just wash the clothes of your baby with unscented detergent. Although if your baby has sensitive skin then, you might require using a special detergent. 

Follow this all-encompassing guide to dress your baby and give them the best experience and happy childhood. 

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